Using a Cracked iPhone? Stop! Read this!


Are you using a cracked iPhone? Then you should consider these important points before continuing to do so.

Firstly, it is always advised to repair your iPhone as soon as possible if you cracked its display because

1. Your iPhone loses its structural durability due to its cracked front. So if you happen to drop your iPhone once again, not only will your display break completely but there is a very good chance that you will damage it even further as the impact can rip off components off the motherboard causing unrepairable damage.

2. Your iPhone is now even more susceptible to water damage as the broken glass can accumulate water if dropped which it wouldn’t when its not cracked. You are at risk of losing your important data if your onboard memory gets water damaged.

3. The cracked glass keeps falling off your cracked iPhone which is very dangerous as you may injure yourself or someone else specially children.

So always get your iPhone repaired if you cracked it at reasonable price at iRepairMe – Hyderabad. We not only replace your display but if your display is in good shape, we can then just replace your iPhone glass saving you from unnecessary cost.

You can book your iPhone repair online on our website that is or you could just call us on 08919076275.

Not only do we offer repair services but we sell iPhone, iPad, MacBook & iWatch Spare parts all over India with free shipping and convenience of Cash on Delivery (COD) with up to 6 Months of Warranty on all our parts.

iRepairMe Team!