Is your iPhone suffering from random reboots? Battery percentage jumps?

You are not alone, there are quite a few of iPhone users specially with iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 suffering the same wondering whats wrong with their device.

Now when you head to an Apple Service Center they may just replace your battery & it could fix the problem but usually it doesn’t. Because in most cases, the culprit is not a battery but an internal IC.

So you may end up buying a new battery which you didn’t require in the first place and still be stuck with an unstable iPhone.

We at iRepairMe have fixed maybe problems such as the above with just replacing the component that requires to be replaced as there are some components in your iPhone which are consumable just like your battery and over the period of time, they will wear off and stop functioning.

If you are suffering from this problem then just head to our store in Tolichowki, Hyderabad or call us on +9189191076275 and get a free diagnostics.

You can book your iPhone repair online on our website that is or you could just call us on 08919076275.

Not only do we offer repair services but we sell iPhone, iPad, MacBook & iWatch Spare parts all over India with free shipping and convenience of Cash on Delivery (COD) with up to 6 Months of Warranty on all our parts.

iRepairMe Team!