Macbook Repair Service

Diagnostic Service

Our Macbook comprehensive diagnostic services can figure out just what your device needs and have you back on your way to having a fully functional Macbook!

Display / LCD Replacement

If you had an accident with your Macbook causing its display to not work, there’s nothing to worry about. You can avail our display replacement service for almost all MacBooks.

Logicboard Repair

Did you Macbook just turn off on you and wouldn’t work anymore? It could be a victim of Logicboard Failure. With our Lab equipped with High End Precision Repair Tools, Our Technicians can fix Macbook Logicboards like never before.

Water Damage Diagnostic

Starting with a thorough drying and cleaning process, our technicians check every individual component for corrosion and damage.

Battery Replacement

Ageing Macbook Batteries can result in more charging times and less Battery Backup. We are here, when your Macbook Battery needs service.

Miscellaneous Repair

MacBooks can face various other component failures like loudspeakers, hinges, keyboard & trackpad, Magsafe charging port, gladly we have you covered on almost every component available.