iPhone X Water Damage Repair

You may think your iPhone X is water resistant but in real life situations its not very water resistant. You may have also used your device to take those beautiful under water pictures after buying your device but over the period of time your device may lose its water resistant capability as the adhesive used to keep water out may wear due to environmental factors.

If your iPhone X is water damaged and not turning on its best you don’t try to turn it on as it may cause more unrepairable damage to the motherboard.

The best chance of getting your device repaired is to head to our service center or book your repair so we can repair your device before more damage can be done by the water.

Our technicians will remove all water and corrosion from your motherboard and test its full functionality before handing over the device to you back.

You can book your repair at https://irepairme.in/repair or call us on 08919076275.